How it works

How Does a VacuMaid Central Vacuum System Work?

how it works

How a central vacuum is installed in a house

A VacuMaid® central vacuum system can reduce the amount of allergens in your home by extracting dirt, dust, mold, pollen, and pet dander out of your carpet and furnishings – and it’s simple. The system sends these allergens through the network of hidden tubing in your walls to the dirt can located in a remote area of your home. By doing this, the central vacuum system rids your home of these potentially harmful irritants–unlike most portable vacuum cleaners, which leave much of the fine dust recirculating in the air. Also, by having a central vacuum vented to the outside of your home, it is possible to remove even the smallest of particles from your living environment. The picture is an example of a typical installation. The power unit is placed in the garage with the dirt canister near the garage door.  This allows for easy emptying of the canister and placement of a utility valve for cleaning out your car.  The power unit is placed in a more remote location.  The tubing can be run through the attic, basement or in the floors.  Inlets are placed strategically in hallways.

Cyclonic Action of Central Vacuum
cyclonic filtration

Filtration diagram of cyclonic VacuMaid split system

VacuMaid systems use cyclonic separation. This differs from “filtered” central vacuums in the way fine particles are removed.  While a filtered system uses a bag to catch these particles, a cyclonic system completely removes these particles by venting them outside.

As dirt enters the canister, the air inside swirls like a tornado with the heavier debris falling to the bottom of the can, while the fine particles are vented outside. This prevents most of the dust from getting into the motor.  Some competitors may say that there is no way to keep all of the fine dust off of the loading fans, but our cyclonic power units and Ametek motors are built to withstand dust in the motor without affecting the life or function of the system. Ametek specifically designs motors to function under these conditions for use with VacuMaid cyclonic systems.


Components of a Built-In System