Hose Handle

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telescopic wand
Telescopic Wand – Button Down Top – Friction Fit Bottom

sku: W419H

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Curved Swivel Wand – 1-1/4″ Hose

sku: W328R

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swivel hose cuff
Plastic Swivel Cuff for 1-1/4″ Hose to 1-1/4 Tools.

sku: HV109SC

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Plastic Curved Wand

sku: WPO218

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Telescopic Wand with Nylon Collar

sku: W419C

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Plastic Telescopic Wand – Black

sku: WO119P

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Plastic Straight Wand

sku: WPH219

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Curved Swivel Wand – 1-3/8″ Hose

sku: W338R

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Straight Wand with Nylon Collar 19-1/2″

sku: W219C

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