Reasons to Own a Central Vacuum

Central vacuums eliminate dust recirculating in your home unlike most portable vacuum cleaners, which leave much of the fine dust recirculating in the air. Our central vacuums are vented outdoors and help reduce allergy and asthma symptoms. The health benefits are impressive. A central vacuum can even greatly reduce allergy and asthma symptoms.

A central vacuum system can reduce allergy and asthma symptoms by up to 61%.

-Division of Rheumatology, Allergy, & Clinical Immunology
University of California -Davis School of Medicine

“The air inside your home can be even more polluted than the outside air of most industrialized cities.”

-Environmental Protection Agency

“Most people spend 90% of their time indoors, so indoor air quality should be an area of concern.”

-Environmental Protection Agency

Over 20% of the population is affected by either allergies or asthma.

-American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology


The large dimensions of the dirt canisters allow the vacuum to pick up a lot of debris before needing emptied. Plastic dirt- collection bags make maintaining your vacuum less hassle & less mess.  Our DC1240 is a 14” diameter can that can hold
up to 38 quarts of dirt and debris. With all of this space for dirt collection and Vacu-Maid’s
easy-to-clean lint screens, these units are not only powerful, but also easy to maintain.


A central vacuum system is your first line of defense in protecting the thousands of dollars you have invested in your home’s floor coverings.  Not only will a central vacuum clean your floors, but by removing the dirt buried deep-down within your carpet, you will prolong the life of your
floors. A Vacu-Maid central vacuum system is a surprisingly economical investment that adds permanent value to your home and makes an excellent
selling feature if you ever plan to sell your home. Don’t wait, a Vacu-Maid central vacuum system can be installed in your new or existing home today,
with no heavy construction or remodeling.


With 3-5 times more cleaning power than most portable vacuum cleaners, you get a superior cleaning in less time. Since the central vacuum power unit is located in a closet, the garage or basement and you aren’t having to carry it around while you clean, it can have larger, more powerful motor. The central vacuum allows you to pick up more debris with less hassle than a portable


To use, the hose is easily plugged into an inlet valve. Then, all you have to work with is the lightweight hose and the attachment of choice. You don’t have to push or pull around a heavy upright or awkward canister vacuum.  Just think how nice that  will be when trying to clean the stairs.  Add the Hide A Hose for more convenience with your central vacuum system. It will retract back into the wall in seconds.


VacuMaid has the power and versatility to meet any cleaning challenge. Electric power brushes, air turbine brushes, and other floor tools make it possible to clean almost any carpet pile or hard flooring surface. And, with Vacu-Maid’s long list of attachments and tools, this system can do it all.

A Vacu-Maid central vacuum system is an economical investment that can last for many years.  Compare this one-time cost for a system that will last as long as you own your home versus the number of times you would
replace conventional upright or canister vacuums. And, these systems can easily be installed–in new construction as well as existing homes.

Vacu-Maid’s central vacuum power units are so quiet that they won’t disturb others in your home, whether they are studying, talking on the phone, or even sleeping. By locating the power unit in a remote location of your home you are able to keep the motor noise away from the living environment.
Also, most of our models are equipped with a foam-lined motor compartment for additional sound reduction.