VacuMaid Filtered

Vacu-Maid® Permanent Inverted Filtered systems feature an inverted filtration system. All debris is captured in the bottom can of the unit.

Inverted Bag Power Units

Our inverted bag units have a permanent filter. This special Surf-Tex™ filter resists bacteria, mold, and mildew growth. This material can also capture particles as small as .3 microns and has a dust retention of 97% efficiency. The inverted bag units have a convenient utility valve on the unit. The debris is collected in the bottom canister. This canister features our patented air channel that allows the bottom canister to have a liner.  This makes emptying the debris a breeze.

Model #



Max Amps

Max Air Watts



Sound Level

Capacity (Qts)

Up to total Sq Ft


5.7″ 2-Stage Flow Thru

120 Volt

14.5 amps

740 airwatts

138 cfm

138 “h20

Cyclonic Inverted Bag

58 db

27 qts

6,000 sq. ft.


6.6” 2-Stage Bypass

120 Volt

14.0 amps

663 airwatts

139 cfm

132 “h20

Cyclonic Inverted Bag

58 db

27 qts

9,500 sq. ft.


8.4” 2-Stage Bypass

120 Volt

13.8 amps

760 airwatts

137 cfm

150 “h20

Inverted Bag

68 db

38 qts

12,000 sq. ft.


(2)5.7″ 2Stage Bypass

240 Volt

13 amps

1040 airwatts

220 cfm

123 “h20

Inverted Bag

74 db

38 qts

18,000 sq. ft.