Troubleshooting Your Garage Vac

Most problems that develop can be fixed easily by following the below suggested solutions

Vacuum cleaner won’t run
• Be sure the unit is plugged in.
• Be sure you turned the system on.
• Check your circuit breaker panel.
Make sure there is not too much on that circuit causing it to trip.

Blowing function is not working
• Be sure your hose is plugged into the exhaust hole on the side of the unit.
• Be sure you have the additional cuff inserted in the utility valve on the front of the unit. If this door is not left open, the blowing feature will not work properly.
• Popping & air leakage is normal.

Low suction or no suction
• First, see above.
• Usually low suction is caused by a full bag. Change your bag. See Operating Instructions for details.
• Is the dirt canister lid off or loose? Be sure the lid is replaced squarely on the top of the canister and that the gasket has not been pulled loose or it could allow a vacuum leak. If gasket is loose, reattach with contact cement or super glue.
• Is there blockage in the hose or tools? Disconnect the hose from power unit, use a blunt item to push the clog out. If the blockage is in the tools, remove it.
• Is PP101 Protector Plate in place? Lift the lid. The metal plate should be located just beneath the HEPA bag inside the can, laying flat with the smooth side up.