Garage Vac

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Hepa Bag – Pkg of 3

sku: HPB2HPK

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Sale! gv30pro garage vac
Garage Vac PRO

sku: gvpro

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Industrial Upholstery Tool – Orange

sku: IUT200

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Garage Vac

sku: GV30

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hanger bracket
Wall Hanger Bracket with Grommets

sku: P2452B

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lamb electric 122264
Lamb Electric Motor 122264 Ultra 120V 5.7″ 2 Stage

sku: MB122264

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lamb electric 119804
Lamb Electric Motor 119804 120V 5.1″ Single Stage

sku: MB119804

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30′ Garage Kit

sku: GKP30

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VacuMaid UV100 Extended Life Professional Wall Mounted Utility Vacuum with 50 ft. Garage Kit

sku: UV150GKP

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