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Maintaining Your VacuMaid Unit

VacuMaid ’s ® patented Air Channel uses a plastic can liner inside the dirt canister. By having this added feature, emptying the can is less hassle and less mess. With the Air Channel there are no more clouds of dust billowing up in your face when you empty the dirt can.

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Single Canister Cyclonic

Model # ex. (P125P, P110, P112, S2000, S2400)
VacuMaid Installation

Filtration diagram of cyclonic VacuMaid vacuum





Split System Cyclonic

Model # ex. (S1600, S1660, S2600, S3600, P225, P350P)
VacuMaid Installation Split system

cyclonic filtration


Maintaining Your Filtered Unit

VacuMaid Filtered / AstroVac central vacuum systems feature either a specially designed micro lined disposable bag or permanent inverted filtration to filter or capture debris. The paper bag unit has a unique baffle system, which maximizes the useful filter area of the bag, providing large dirt capacity and maximum performance. The inverted bag is a permanent filter, requiring only occasional cleaning. The debris is collected in a dirt canister, which is an integral part of the power unit.

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Paper Bag Units

Model # ex. (SR36, SR38, SR52, SR66, SR800)

paper bag




Inverted Bag

Model # ex. SR12, SR14, SR46, SR60, SR54, SR64)

Filtration diagram of inverted VacuMaid Astrovac