Central Vacuum Systems

What is a Central Vacuum System?
A VacuMaid® central vacuum system can reduce the amount of allergens in your home by extracting dirt, dust, mold, pollen, and pet dander out of your carpet and furnishings – and it’s simple. The system sends these allergens through the network of hidden tubing in your walls to the dirt can located in a remote area of your home. By doing this, the central vacuum system rids your home of these potentially harmful irritants–unlike most portable vacuum cleaners, which leave much of the fine dust recirculating in the air. Also, by having a central vacuum vented to the outside of your home, it is possible to remove even the smallest of particles from your living environment. The power unit is placed in the garage with the dirt canister near the garage door. This allows for easy emptying of the canister and placement of a utility valve for cleaning out your car. The power unit is placed in a more remote location. The tubing can be run through the attic, basement or in the floors. Inlets are placed strategically in hallways.

With VacuMaid® you receive only the highest quality central vacuum system. Our power units feature long life motors, superior filtration, and durable construction. The cyclonic systems have, by far, the most sustainable cleaning power in the industry allowing virtually 100% cleaning power at all times. The cyclonic action separates the fine particles, venting them outside. The power unit canister is constructed from corrosion-resistant powder coated galvannealed steel providing you with a system that lasts as long as you own your home.

There are many additional benefits of owning a VacuMaid central vacuum system. Find out more.

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Pure cyclonic cleaning action. The most impressive way of filtering dirt. Heavy particles fall to the bottom of the dirt can and all the fine particles and allergens are exhausted outside. No traditional filters to clog or clean. No restriction by dirty cloth, paper or foam filters so you get virtually 100% sustained cleaning power at the end of the lightweight hose. Net result? A cleaner house with longer carpet life and less professional cleaning.

With a cyclonic unit, you can achieve the most extensive cleaning possible. Once dirt and debris is swept up, it goes into the dirt canister where it swirls around like a cyclone, separating the large debris from the small. The cyclonic action allows the large debris to fall to the bottom of the dirt can while the fine particles are vented straight outside of your home. VacuMaid® cyclonic units also feature a patented Air Channel, which allows a plastic can liner to be used inside the dirt canister making emptying the can less hassle and less mess. With the Air Channel, you eliminate clouds of dust billowing up in your face when you empty the dirt can.

If you would prefer a permanent bag or paper bag system then VacuMaid® Filtered is your answer. Our filtered line of systems feature a disposable micro lined paper bag or a cyclonic inverted bag filtration system to capture debris. This gives you easy cleanup with maximum filtration. These units work well in situations where exhausting to the outside is not possible.


AstroVac® systems featured a disposable micro lined paper bag or a cyclonic inverted bag filtration system to capture debris.  The AstroVac models are now distributed under the VacuMaid name. Replacement parts are available for all AstroVac models.