VacuMaid Microfiber Cleans Up the Man Cave


Let’s face it, “A Man’s home is his Castle” just doesn’t mean what it use to. And I don’t need to tell you whose castle it really is.

But if you have been fortunate enough to carve a little space in the hacienda for your “Man Cave” then we need to talk.

We all have those special items that we want to show off and protect.  And the best way I have found is with the Dustup Capture Cloth (MF002).

Look around, I bet that golf trophy could use a good dusting.  

And what about that Bob Stoops autographed football you have prominently displayed under glass?   Looks like it could use some attention.

The Dustup Capture Cloth is made of the highest quality microfiber and with it’s electrostatic properties, picks up the dust and doesn’t just push it around. And at 16″ X 16″ it’s just the right size.
So before your crew comes over to hang out in the “Cave”, give it a good going over with the Dustup Capture Cloth.  And don’t forget to wipe down that framed masterpiece, “Dogs Smoking Cigars and Playing Poker”.

You might even want to buy two of the Dustup Capture Cloths. One for you and one for the Queen of the Castle.