Vacu-Maid stands the test of time

Motors, VacuMaid Power Units
Lindsay Manufacturing began manufacturing central vacuums in the 1950’s after several years manufacturing heat exchangers and insurance machines.
During that initial decade the P245 was manufactured, sold, and installed in thousands of homes across the country. This vacuum was just replaced in the state of Washington this week.

We are guessing that this particular machine was produced around 1966.  This central vacuum unit has stood the test of time the past 40 to 45 years. Our customer service department has had inquiries from homeowners for parts for the P245 over the past few years.  Unfortunately, the motor for the P245 has been unavailable for over 30 years as the company that manufactured the cast steel motor ceased production on the motor.
Although nothing lasts forever, this is a testament to the overall quality and workmanship that goes into each VacuMaid central vacuum unit.  It is also a salute to those customers who invest in our products.  The comments we have received from homeowners indicates that with proper care and maintenance, a central vacuum unit can last decades as proven by the P245.
You would be hard pressed to find anything in your home that still performs after 40 years.
Technology of the past 40 years is unprecedented.  Rotary phones to smartphones, vinyl records to mp3 digital music players, room sized computers to internet-connected laptops and tablets, and the list goes on and on.
It’s nice to know that we can look into our past and see our present and future.  At  VacuMaid, the technology may be advanced, but the concepts and craftsmanship that Lindsay Mfg. Inc. was founded on over 50 years ago remain the cornerstone.
This is a brochure that was pulled from our archives. I love this retro look and it even has the white P245 power unit.