Use your VacuMaid central vacuum to prepare for winter


With the transition from summer to autumn complete, thoughts of cold winter nights appear on the horizon.

Right now is a great time to check and perform routine maintenance on those furnaces that have been hibernating for the past six months.
Before kicking that thermostat up, a few easy steps can save you money as well as make your system more energy efficient.
CLEAN THAT FILTER:  A clogged furnace filter impedes air flow and makes your system work harder than it should.  You can easily clean your filter with your VacuMaid central vacuum.
CHECK AND CLEAN THE COLD AIR INTAKE:  In order for your furnace to work efficiently, the air circulation in the entire venting system can’t be restricted.  Find the cold air intake for your system and vacuum out any dust and lint build-up and reduce your energy bills at the same time.  Your VacuMaid central vacuum is a great tool to handle this cleaning process.
CLEAN AROUND YOUR FURNACE: Before you fire up that pilot light, make sure there are no combustible materials near your furnace.  Use your VacuMaid central vacuum to clean any dust and dirt from around your furnace.
If your furnace doesn’t function properly, always consult a professional HVAC technician in your area.
BE WARM and as always BE SAFE!!