Parts Breakdown
1 Lower Housing PB8412*
2 Wheel Assembly (2) PB8425*
3 Turbine Assembly PB8558
4 Belt Cover PB8413
5 Base Plate PB8414*
6 Compression Spring PB8557
7 Washer, Spring PB5974
8 Washer, Neck PB5971
9 Neck Assembly PB8423
10 Spring, Neck Lock PB7218
11 Top Housing PB8411*
12 Seal, Small PB7223
13 Roller Brush Assembly PB8457
14 T-Latch (2) PB7226 15 Belt PB8439
16 Screw, Housing (12) PB7228
17 Screw, T-Latch (2) PB7230
18 Bearing, Idler Assembly PB8556
19 Bushing, Wheel (2) PB7231
20 Shaft Support Assembly, Left PB8428
21 Shaft Support, Right, withwasher PB8561
22 Ballast (2) PB7238
23 Foam Pad (4) PB7239
24 Shaft, Roller Wheel (2) PB8416
25 Roller Wheel (2) PB8417
26 Bearing Isolator (2) PB8427
27 Retaining Ring (2) PB8458
28 Seal, Belt Guard, Large PB7224

Operating Instsructions Use & Care of Your Turbine Powerhead (A) ATTACHING THE TURBINE POWERHEAD To attach your metal wand, simply insert wand into Powerhead neck until it fits snugly. The built-in, locking mechanism will prevent the wand from coming loose. To detach wand, depress wand release tab on back of neck with foot or hand and twist wand free. The wand can be locked in an upright position by pushing it forward until the lock is engaged. This locked position is convenient for storage and lifting the Powerhead. To release wand from the vertical locked position, gently place foot on Powerhead, grasp wand and pull back.  (B) OPERATING PROCEDURES Your Turbine Powerhead runs off the airflow of your vacuum system. It has no on/off switch. Whenever it is attached to an operating vacuum system, it will be running. No adjustments to the powerhead are necessary for different types of carpeting. To ensure maximum efficiency of the Turbine Powerhead, make sure that any filters, bags and cleaning hoses in your vacuum system are clean and free of blockage. Avoid picking up water or spilled liquid with your Turbine Powerhead. The vacuum system is designed for dry pick up only. (C) CLEANING ROLLER BRUSH Turn off vacuum system and disconnect Powerhead. Threads, string, carpet fiber, fuzz and similar items may become wound around the beater brush. These should be removed by unwinding them by hand or carefully cutting with scissors. Keeping the beater brush clean will maintain efficiency.   (D) REMOVING CLOGS Follow these steps if the turbine becomes obstructed: 1. Turn off vacuum system and disconnect the Powerhead. 2. Remove the clear belt cover by turning the Powerhead over and rotating the two latches until they align with the openings in the belt cover. Remove the belt cover. 3. Remove debris from the intake or turbine. Rotate brush to ensure the system is clear. Ensure the orange seal on the belt cover and mating surfaces are clean before reinstalling the belt cover. 4. To reinstall the belt cover, simply insert the front of the belt cover under the baseplate edge and lower into its original position. 5. Secure the belt cover in place by turning the two latches to the locked position. (E) REPLACING THE DRIVE BELT It is recommended that the drive belt be replaced by a Qualified Service Technician. 1. Turn off vacuum system and disconnect powerhead. 2. Remove belt cover as described on page 4. 3. Remove the 3 screws securing the baseplate. 4. Remove the baseplate. 5. IMPORTANT: Please note correct brush and belt orientation. They must be reinstalled correctly for proper function. 6. Lift the brush, belt and support assembly out of the housing. 7. Remove the old belt. 8. Place the new belt over one end, onto the brush roller, between the two center flanges. 9. Loop belt around shaft. Twist belt as shown. 10. Slide the brush/belt assembly back into the housing recesses so the supports seat properly into the housing. The assembly is designed to fit only one way into housing. NOTE: The brush will rotate in the wrong direction if the belt is twisted incorrectly. 11. Replace belt cover.