The Ultimate Central Vacuum ♥ Motor ♥


The central vacuum industry has been using 5.1″, 5.7″, and 7.2″ vacuum motors for some time now, but early Vacu Maid units had a 9″ fan that was made here in Ponca City and connected to Robbins Myers motor. When we began working with Ametek Lamb for the next generation vacuum motor, we felt a larger diameter motor would return us to the type of life and performance we had in the 60’s and 70’s.  We are super excited about this new central vac motor from Ametek Lamb because it has similar performance with less energy usage.  Be sure to check out the new 8.4″ vac motor because it has some really innovative features.

Longer Life:
Ametek designed this motor with curved brushes. This gives the motor longer life than the average 7.2″.  Ametek rates it at 1500 hours. So if you cleaned nearly 2 hours every week this motor will last 15 years.  The curved brushes also help to match the life of the commutator to the brush life which basically means you would never replace the brushes. Once the brushes are worn completely, the life of the motor is at an end.

More Efficient
The 8.4 is also the most efficient motor we have. Talk about being “green”, it has less loss of energy by using a higher percentage of electrical power that turns into air power.  They say that most central vacuum motors are 30% efficient where this new 8.4 is nearly 45% efficient!  To calculate a motor’s efficiency, we take the air power watts divided by the  input power watts.

Cleaner & Quieter
This motor has a foam chamber placed around the top of the motor to catch any carbon dust emitted from the brushes. It also helps to reduce some of the noise made from the motor.

Be sure to think about the new 8.4” diameter, single stage motor from AMETEK. It is available currently available in a Permanent Filtered model (part# SR60) and a paper bag model (part# SR800).

Ametek Lamb 8.4″ Motor #122501

760 Maximized Air Watts
142 CFM
147″ Sealed Vacuum
1500 hour estimated life