Reach and clean elevated surfaces safely

Accessories, Cleaning

Dramatic architectural elements are a desired feature in many modern homes. Two story atrium entrances, stone fireplaces extending to ceilings, and elevated plant shelves are becoming quite common decorating elements. Adding these features can set your home apart but present a challenge to safely keeping these elevated surfaces clean.  Climbing ladders can put you at personal risk or present a homeowners’ liability issue should you ask a cleaning service to maintain these surfaces.

Taking a cue from our experience in the commercial cleaning field, we are pleased to introduce a cost efficient solution for cleaning these surfaces safely and effectively from the floor.  The system is made up of a series of light weight commercial grade aluminum locking telescopic poles which permit one to clean surfaces up to 22 feet from the floor using the unique surface tracking advantage of Sidewinder pivoting head brushes.

When extended, the three telescopic poles reach over 15 feet. Three different finishing wand configurations can be added to extend the reach and address vertical, recessed, or horizontal surfaces. The ABS locking collar on the finishing wands lock and control either an 8” or a 15” Sidewinder natural fill brush. The result is a secure system which can’t unintentionally separate as you clean those tough to reach surfaces.  The  pivoting head of Sidewinder brushes find and track the surface as they move for effective touch cleaning. The vertical presentation of Sidewinder tools let you access small vertical or horizontal spaces and the generous natural fill brush cleans deep into uneven surfaces.  Window frames, return air vents, plant shelves and window frames pose no problem for your Reach™ system. The package includes a 30 foot 1.375” hose which uses the power of your central vacuum to provide the superior airflow necessary to not just brush the dirt free but also capture it in your vacuum.

At only 5.5 pounds for the complete system, able to extend up to 22 feet, the Reach™ package provides a safe, practical, cost effective cleaning solution for your home or professional cleaning service.