Wessel Electric Brush


Top of the line cleaning and many high-end features — all in a 13″ package. Ideal for wall to wall carpeting with heavy padding, this brush is both reliable and durable.  Features quick release, height adjustment, and headlight.


Brand: VacuMaid

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LED Headlight

  • Superior Illumination of vacuuming surface


Circuit Protector

  • Avoids unnecessary abuse of motor, belt, light and electrical connections and is Very Durable
  • Protects nozzle and any object that is picked up unintended


Locking Neck

  • Allows user to park unit with hose and wand connected without falling over


‘Dry’ Squeegee

  • Controls air flow into the nozzle at the floor to achieve effective cleaning on all floors including Tile, Wood, Ceramic, Vinyl, Etc.


Low Noise/Quiet

  • Not Offensive to Use


Low Profile

  • Allows for cleaning under objects that have very low clearance such as beds, couches, etc.


Quick Disconnect Neck

  • Easy to use / No bending required to disengage wand
  • Allows for instant above-the-floor cleaning


Side Channels

  • Provides excellent edge cleaning performance


5 Position Height Adjustment

  • Allows for effect vacuuming on all flooring types
  • Increases ease of vacuuming on all flooring types


Excessively Large Rear Wheels

  • Makes unit easier to push
  • Will not bog down on heavy pile carpet


Sculpted Brush Roll

  • Increases Air Flow / Guides Debris toward Intake Orifice


Neck Release Pedal

  • Convenient & Easy to Use


Pivot/SwivelNeck Assembly

  • Excellent maneuverability for cleaning anywhere, especially hard to reach areas
  • Adjusts to any size operator
  • Unique fully articulating operation


Cogged / Corded Belt

  • Eliminates belt slip and increases belt durability assuring Long-Term Maintenance Free Operation


4 Soft Wheels

  • Allows the it to be used on all dry floor surfaces(carpet and hard floor) without the risk of damage to the flooring


Enclosed Side Mounted Drive Belt

  • Extends belt life by protecting the Belt from incoming debris
  • Allows for Full / Uninterrupted Use of Brush Roll


Ribbed Base Plate

  • Enhances Ease of Motion / Push-ability


Chevron Design Bristles

  • Design helps guide debris toward vacuum
  • Constant and even brush contact to the floor prolongs the life of the belt, bearings, motor, etc.

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Weight 9 lbs


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