Stainless Wet Pick-Up Kit


With the right accessories, your central vacuum system can be made to pick up heavy debris and even moisture. By adding a wet/dry collection can, you’ll be able to pick up debris that you wouldn’t normally want traveling through your vacuum tubing to your power unit. Whatever your needs, we have what is right for you. With the right tools, water spills, greasy foods, and even wood shavings can be picked up without damage to your power unit and central vacuum system.

Brand: VacuMaid

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The CWP-332MA is a stainless commercial-grade wet pickup bucket and includes an
MC-32 mobile cart and a 5 foot x 1-1/4” hose and cuffs. This bucket and hose will also
pick up liquid and debris, but prevents it from entering the tubing and dirt canister.
Capacity=Approx. 5 gallons

Kit includes:

CWP-332 Stainless Wet Pickup Bucket
HS105P Hose with Cuffs
HP-119 32mm Cuff
MC-312 Mobile Cart
HS-125 750mm Hose
WPO-218 Plastic Curved Wand
WPH-219 (2) Plastic Straight Wands
FSV-330 WetTool


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Weight 16 lbs


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