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New Poly-Fiber Screen for 12″ Disposable Bag Units.  This safety screen eliminates the bothersome build up of material on the small metal motor intake screen.  The Poly-Fiber Screen is designed to fit right into the bottom of the canister, on top of the pierced metal plate.


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The SC12/SC14 safety screen is used in disposable bag units as added protection to help catch any debris that may fall out of bag when removing or in the event of bag breakage.

Location: Lift lid to access.  Safety screen is found under the disposable bag.  This screen fits on top of the metal protector plate in the bottom of the can.

Notched edge is cut to fit against Air Channel, press into place in bottom of can above protector plate.


Check screen in the event of bag breakage…

In the event of a bag breaking or spilling while inside the unit, be sure to clean the safety screen and lift the protection plate located under the bag and clean the small metal screen below.

To reassemble:  The protector plate must be placed back inside the unit.  It is installed correctly when it lays flat, prong side down, on top of metal mesh screen.  The warning label should be facing up.   The safety screen goes on top with the notched edge fitting around the Air Channel.

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12", 14"


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