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The Response EB-100 provides a fast effective cleaning solution for today’s homes; a move to hard floor surfaces like tile, stone, hard wood and laminate are now as common as traditional wall to wall carpet, vinyl, and linoleum. The mix of hard floor surfaces has also increased the use of area rugs, encouraging the EB-100 solution that can move freely across surfaces.

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The EB-100’s unique aluminum twist agitator design incorporates 3 unique cleaning materials. One to deep clean carpets and provide uniform surface grooming without the excessive wear to the carpet fibers. The second is a soft material that conforms to uneven surfaces found on stone and tile floors, making it effective at cleaning crevices in flooring. The third is designed to polish the surface as you vacuum away everyday dirt from your hard wood, parquet, vinyl or stone floors. Soft molded wheels and strategically located pads and brushes insure the EB100 will not scratch or mar your hard floor surfaces, as it cleans and polishes.

The EB100 special shutter system moves up and out of the way as one moves into tight corners solving the historical problems of cleaning baseboards, furnishings and stairs. Soft bumpers and a soft surface brushes travel with the shutter to protect wood surfaces or fine furnishing. There’s also no need to get down on your knees, as is often required with traditional vacuum tools.

The ultra-low profile of the EB-100 and double swivel neck which rotates flat to the nozzle allows the EB-100 to move into tight places and maneuver in and around furnishings. With a height of less than 2 inches, the EB-100 can pass under objects that you’d normally have to stop and move.

At only 1 pound 5 ounces, even though electrical powered, the EB-100 is the quietest powered nozzle, even when running over a hard floor surface. With the light weight, there is no vibration and you’ll feel an almost self propelled vacuuming experience, making it not only the most effective of cleaning tools but also the easiest you have ever used.

The EB-100 is a valuable upgrade to any central vacuum system and as a one-tool-fits-all home flooring cleaning solution.


W255 (For SFH Hose)
W245T & BW275C (For SFH Hose)
W240T & BW275C (For NRH Hose)
W535 & BW280 (For SFH Hose)
W530 & BW280 (For NRH Hose)

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