Residential High Reach Tool Kit


Note:  Includes 1 3/8” x 30 ft. hose.  Can vacuum surfaces 25 ft. from floor.

Cleaning elevated surfaces like stone face of a fireplace, window frames, return air vents, and plant shelves that are high above the floor has always been difficult without the use of unstable ladders, scaffolding impractical in the home. This kit addresses this with a lightweight system using the power of your central vacuum to clean these elevated surfaces and more up to 25 feet from the floor. Three telescopic extension wands which lock together and three different shaped adaptor wands allow you to assemble the system you need to clean a surface 12 feet high, 18 feet high or even 25 feet high and safe from unintended separation when working overhead. The 30 ft. 1.385” commercial grade vacuum hose delivers superior airflow in inure you vacuum the surface not just brush the dirt and dust off to have it fall to a surface below. This kit is compatible with all major brands of central vacuums including Beam, Electrolux, Eureka, VacuMaid, Vacuflo, Imperium, Canavac, Nutone, M&S, Drain Vac, MD, Galaxie, and Husky.

Brand: VacuMaid

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A comprehensive solution for reaching to clean round, horizontal, ledges, and uneven surfaces using lightweight aluminum telescopic wands that lock together complimented with a series of adaptor wands and unique specially designed tools with pivoting capabilities.  The 1.50” system insures sufficient airflow even at 25 feet to source capture debris. The system includes a 30 foot 1.375” hose to maximize the airflow coming from your central vacuum.

A set of three extension wands combined with any of the selected adaptor wands and the heaviest of the tools weights less than 6 pounds. The wands are detailed to insure they remain stable even when fully extended to reach 24 feet. Everything locks in place so there is no risk of something coming free and falling to the surface or individual below.

The double pivot Sidewinder 8” and 15” natural fill brushes find and track both smooth and uneven surfaces. The 5” natural fill dusting tool is ideal for precision spot cleaning. The curved surface brush features a patent pending pivoting 90 degree fitting to let the tool ride the surface of ventilation duct or round beams.

Kit includes:
Black Aluminum Extension Wand
Sidewinder 8” Close Trim Dusting Brush
15” Sidewinder Hard Floor Tool with Horsehair
1.5” Natural Fill Dusting Tool
Straight Extension ABS Locking Wand
45° Extension ABS Locking Wand
130° Extension ABS Locking Wand
Chrome Steel Collar
Beveled Crevice Tool Plastic Black, 1.5” x 15” (38 mm x 381 mm)
Mesh Caddy Bag Zipper 23.5” x 31” Black
1’ Curved Ventilation Tool
Crushproof Hose Silver, 1.375” x 30 ft (35 mm x 9 m)
Electric Banded Cuff Black Short Nose 1.375”
Black Bullet Cuff 1.25” (32 mm)



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