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The answer to high density soft carpet cleaning.

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New high density soft carpets pose a unique problem for many high performance vacuums and power nozzles. Not only have the high density soft carpets been difficult to clean, the consumer has often found they can’t push the vacuum across the surface.

The new EB285 is designed to address the suction seal problem when cleaning the new high-density super soft carpets.  The design of the EB285 has a unique self regulating air bypass system which automatically adjusts airflow to the floor conditions.  The airflow is directed into the brushroll chamber UNDER the front of the brushroll, which results in no wasted airflow as it is used to help carry away dirt.  Other diy solutions that have been used have included drilling holes in the nozzle, but this directs the relieving air OVER the brushroll where it does little, if anything, to help clean.  What’s more, when cleaning lower pile carpet those drilled holes continue to vent, reducing the cleaning ability of the powerhead.  Our new EB285 automatically stops venting when suction seal at the nozzle is not occurring resulting in more effective cleaning.

Includes the Quiet Drive poly V belt for long life, which is positioned away from the end of the agitator, providing true edge cleaning to both sides of the nozzle. Trouble free tilt and roll over molded wheels positioned inside the agitator for excellent surface grooming.

A four position height adjustment is ideal for use on both traditional or high density soft carpets
Control of the wand release and height adjustment is located to eliminate the need to raise ones foot from the floor to control the feature.

A double swivel neck for improved maneuverability.

A soft wrap around bumper protects furnishings and base boards from unwanted marks.

Headlight, quick wand release, a low profile, and high styling speak to the quality of the Response™ II EB285.

Centec CT23QD


W255 (For SFH Hose)
W245T & BW275C (For SFH Hose)
W240T & BW275C (For NRH Hose)
W535 & BW280 (For SFH Hose)
W530 & BW280 (For NRH Hose)

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