1 1/4″ Plastic Super Valve Full Door w/ Reversible Flange


The easy to install supervalve with reversible flange makes your installation decisions easy!
• Left or right handed installation.
• Larger electrical access for easy wiring
• Allows the 90˚ elbow to rotate through full 180˚

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•Left or right handed installation.
•Larger electrical access for easy wiring
•Allows the 90 ̊ elbow to rotate through full 180 degrees

Reversible Flange accommodates different installation
requirements: Unlike a traditional valve, the flange of this new valve is completely separate from
the body, and therefore, it can be placed either on the left or right of the valve depending on your installation requirements. The installer can choose to install the flange in either direction and the electrical box will remain at the top

Removable flange allows faster wiring:
Now that the flange can be removed, the installer has easy access to
the wiring area. This makes the wiring much simpler and faster.

Built-in tabs on the flange for easy assembly: the tabs
on the flange fit easily into the holes on the
lower part of the valve, and lock firmly into place with thumb tabs.

Specially designed wiring box allows the 90 ̊ Elbow to rotate at a full 180 ̊:
The wiring box of a traditional valve would only allow elbows to rotate within a limited range, but not to a full 180°. Our newly designed box has a much flatter bottom edge and can accommodate a full 180° rotation of the 90° Elbow

Retro-Fit cover plate included:
Simply remove the Retro-Fit cover from the flange and discard the flange. Complete the
electrical connections and snap on the cover plate. Slide box assembly through the drywall opening and secure the mounting box to the stud. Complete the assembly of the valve

Lateral screw holes
built in for easy mounting in a Retro-Fit installation:
The installer can make use of the screw holes on both sides of the valve body for mounting the assembly to either side of the wall stud, and this makes the Retro-Fit mounting much easier.

Dimensions (Inches)
4.91 3.17 3.87 6.09 0.49 3.49

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