PC Board 120V with DB7NL


For older versions of S-2000, S-2600, P-125P, P-110, or P-225

Brand: VacuMaid

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P.C. Mother Control Board. When installed in a S2000, S2600, P125P, or P225 the PC120ST already has the DB7NL daughter board included. Then this mother board is installed in an SR40V, it has the DB7NL-SW daughter board included. pc120st.

Instructions for replacing
1. Disconnect Power from the Unit
2. Remove the Screws from the Lid
3. Remove the Lid
4. Disconnect 2 Low Volt Wires from the side of the unit
5. Remove both nuts from the control board
6. Remove both black wires from the control board
Black wire from Motor P3
Black wire from P1
7. Remove both Wite wires from control board
White wire from P2.
White wire from P4.
8. Connect black and white wires to new control board Refer to steps 6 & 7 for wire placement.
9. Replace both control board nuts
10. Connect both low volt wires to board terminals
11. Connect Power to the Unit
12. Test Unit

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