Fine Mesh Filter Screen – 11-7/8″ OD


Black PVC Fiberglass Lint Screen

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This top screen is an optional item for the filter screen area. It allows free, unrestricted airflow that you have come to expect from your VacuMaid system. The fiberglass screen can easily be cleaned by removing it and shaking it off. It can be used time and time again. Can be used in conjunction with the ES1200 or alone. For single motor split canister systems S1600, S2600, DC1200AC, DC-1200 or DCMCC.  The screen is very thin and has an outer diameter of 11 7/8″ which fits perfectly in the top of the 12″ dirt can.


A: To remove the Fine Mesh Screen
Remove the lid from the canister, then lift the screen up over the stand pipe.
B: To Clean:
The Fine Mesh Filter Screen can best be cleaned by tapping or brushing off the screen.
C: To replace the Fine Mesh Filter Screen (FSF12/FSF14):
Place the screen over the standpipe – push down to insure it seats on the metal screen. Replace the lid and operate normally.

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