Inverted Bag with Weight for 12″ Can


Permanent filter made of a Polyester material with a slick acrylic latex coating that enables the particles to easily fall off when the unit is turned off. This filter provides excellent airflow and is less restrictive than other permanent filter materials.  Also resists bacteria and mildew growth.

The inverted bag is a replacement for the following  VacuMaid or AstroVac units: SR40, SR44, P105, SR14, SR12, SR46, SR40V, DC1000, SR88, SR89.

Brand: VacuMaid

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The inverted bag is a replacement for the following VacuMaid or AstroVac units: SR-40, SR-44, P-105, SR-14, SR-12, SR-46, SR-40V, DC1000, SR-88, SR-89.

Make sure it snaps securely in the ring of the can.

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Weight 3 lbs


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