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The Rug Rat’s slim design accommodates ease of use at the end of the wand or for closer control in your hand. The high speed brush is ideal for cleaning surfaces like stairs, inside your car, and upholstery.  This high speed brush cleans and grooms carpeting, stairs, upholstery and vehicles interiors. Use is at the end of the wand to eliminate bending over or hold it in your hand for more control.

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If you’re looking for the power and convenience of the Turbocat in a handheld powerbrush, you’ve found it in RugRat®. The RugRat is an all purpose, turbine power vac attachment that cleans and grooms carpeting, steps, upholstery, auto interiors and picks up pet hair quickly. It fits all standard portables and central vacuum systems. Best of all, batteries and additional electrical cord’s aren’t required.

The RugRat hand-held turbine powerbrush is lightweight, powerful and perfect for stairways, auto upholstery, furniture and other small places. It features the exclusive TurboFlex agitator, which gives you the same powerful cleaning performance as the Turbocat in the form of a highly portable attachment. The RugRat offers the following performance advantages:

Operates without Additional Electricity
The RugRat operates by vacuum and requires no additional electricity, cords or batteries. This means it is less costly to buy and install and easier to use than its electric equivalent.

Turbine Powered Agitator Brush
This rotary brush agitates carpet fibers so that embedded dust, dirt and pet hair can be vacuumed away. It rejuvenates carpet and upholstery nap that has become crushed and worn.

Lightweight Design
RugRat’s lightweight design makes it portable enough to clean in every room of your home. Its small, low profile design can fit in even the tightest spots.

Wide Cleaning Path & Multi-Port Edge Cleaning
Why prolong the cleaning if you don’t have to? RugRat’s 6-inch wide sweep and multi-port edge cleaning saves time and effort.

Works with All Central Vacuums and Many Portables
The RugRat fits all standard 1 1/4” wands, and is compatible with central vacuums as well as most portable vacuum cleaners.

Repair Instructions


To attach your metal wand and/or curved hose handle simply twist into hand brush neck until it fits snugly. (See Fig. 1). To detach wand or curved hose handle, simply hold neck of Hand Held Powerhead and pull apart with a twisting motion.

Your hand held Turbine Powerhead has no on/off switch. Whenever it is attached to an operating vacuum system, it will be running. There is only one adjustment for the Brush. A suction control valve is located on the top left side. Slide the control valve open to reduce suction for cleaning draperies. (See Fig. 2)

Turn off vacuum system and disconnect Powerhead Brush. Threads, string, carpet fiber, fuzz, etc. can wrap around the cleaning brush. These should be removed by unwinding them by hand or carefully cutting with scissors. (Note: Brown base plate should be removed to clean properly). Keeping the cleaning brush clean will maintain efficiency of the Powerhead Brush.

If turbine or intake nozzle become obstructed:
1. Turn off vacuum system and disconnect Powerhead.
2. Remove brown base plate by first sliding the base plate latch toward the back of the brush. Next, pull the rear of the plate away from the housing and slide forward to disengage front locking tabs. (See Fig. 3)
3. Remove debris from intake port and/or turbine.
4. Reassemble by inserting the tabs on the front of the base plate into the slots in the base housing, then secure the back of the brown base plate with the latch.

Remove brown base plate and belt cover (right side of Powerhead) by removing screw. (See Fig. 4). Next,
remove belt from pulley (may help to turn cleaning brush backwards slightly.) (See Fig. 5).
Pull belt and brush assembly out and replace belt. Before replacing base plate and belt cover, make sure a “2”
is showing at both ends of brush assembly (this number is stamped right on the bearing housing.) (See Fig. 6).
Make sure also that no brush bristles are caught between the belt and brush roll gear. If brush bristles are worn,

To adjust brush to compensate for bristle wear, remove brown base plate. Next, remove the belt cover by removing
the screw. Finally, remove the belt from the pulley (it may help to turn cleaning brush backwards slightly).
Pull the brush assembly out. Turn brush assembly over and reinsert so that number “1” is showing at both ends.
(See Fig. 6).
Note: The brush roll comes from the factory with a “2” showing at both ends of the brush roll assembly.
Before replacing base plate and belt cover, make sure no brush bristles are caught between the belt and the
brush roller gear.


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