Electrostatic Lint Screen (S1200/S2000) (Optional for P125P/P110)


The ES-934 electrostatic lint screen is an optional replacement screen for single canister units such as the S-1200 and S-2000. It can also be used on models P-125 and P-110.  Great for homes with pets that shed as hair and lint accumulates in this area of the unit. It adds protection and traps dirt in lint screen so it doesn’t build up on top screen. Makes cleaning upper chamber of unit much easier.  The pull tab makes it easy to remove.

10″ Diameter x .5″ to .75″ thickness

GTIN: 736211368386

Brand: VacuMaid

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When installing the ES934, just scrunch it up and slip inside the top cone.  Release the ES934 and it will open up and slide part way down the cone.  When the vacuum is turned on, it will get sucked up to the upper metal screen.  The ES934 makes it easier to keep the upper metal screen clean.  When the ES934 gets dirty, just grab the tab and pull down.  The Es934 can be brushed or washed to clean.  After a few washings it is best to get a new one.  ALWAYS MAKE SURE THE TAB IS FACING DOWN WHEN INSTALLING.

Step by step instructions.

1: Remove dirt canister
Unhook the two latches by grasping on the lower end and pulling straight away from canister.
If this is the first time you are
using mesh screen, skip to step 4.

2: Remove screen
Reach up into the plastic cone and grab the fabric pull tab and pull down. You will have to fold the screen in half like a taco to pull it out of the cone.

3: Clean screen Shake it off or vacuum to clean.

4: Replace screen Place the screen back inside the cone by folding in half and inserting up inside. Be sure pull tab is face down.
When you release it will open and the cone will hold it in place.

5:  Replace dirt canister Slip dirt can over the lip of the top can until seated against gasket.  Then, while holding canister, fasten the two latches.

Additional information

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