27 quart Dirt Canister with Disposable HEPA bag


A 12″ metal disposable bag canister that can be used as a secondary or primary dirt collector. Use HPB2H HEPA filtered paper bags (27 quarts).


Brand: VacuMaid

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DC-500 Specs
Filtration HEPA – 5 Layer Bag
Inlet and Outlet Connections 2″
Capacity 27 Qts.
Diameter 13-5/8″
Shipping Weight 10 lbs.
Replacement Bag HPB2H
Optional Bag Paper Bag HPB-1
* Can be used with the CR-1400 Series, P325 / P350, MKIII / MKVIII,  P-225 /P-250,  MKV / MKVI,  S3200, and S3600.


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