Dirt Can – Fine Dust Control w/ Filter


Secondary separator for control of fine dust.

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The DC750 dirt canister should be used as a secondary separator with a primary separator (DC1200 or DC1420) ahead of the DC750.

Uses FC750 cartridge filter.

In applications where fine dust control is needed the DC-2000 Dirt Canister which works with the DC-2530 or DC-1800 is the perfect solution. The DC-2000, made of heavy gauge steel, contains two high efficiency cartridge filters for fine dust control (see Figure 10).

The fine dust is captured inside the cartridge filters (part# FC-750, 2-required) which typically have a long life and will hold a large amount of dust. The filters are not reusable and must eventually be disposed of and replaced. Each filter will filter out approximately 99.97% of the dust particles 3 to 5 microns in size that are picked up and each filter has approximately 37 square feet of filtering area for a total of approximately 74 square feet.


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