Deluxe Turbo Kit


Central Vac Tool Kit with 30 foot hose

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Kit Includes
• 30 ft. 1-3/8” Crush Proof Hose (HS-830)
• Deluxe Curved Wand (W-338R)
• Air Powered Turbine Brush (PB-470)
• Bare Floor & Rug Tool (RF-580BLK)
• Felt Brush for RF580BLK (RF-580FB)
• Plastic Telescopic Ratchet Wand (WO-119P)
• 12” Floor Brush (FB-215BLK)
• Standard 530 Series Tools
• Crevice Tool (CT-530BL)
• Dusting Brush (DB-530BL)
• Upholstery Tool (UT-530BL)
• Hose Hanger (H-431)
• Mesh Caddy Bag (CB-180)
• Banded Ring Cuff (HV125)

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Weight 14 lbs


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