Deluxe Electric Brush CT14DXQD


This power brush is used to vacuum carpets. It has a 14” edge to edge brushed head to create a wider cleaning path.
It is to be used with the top and lower wand.

Features include:
• Quick Wand Release-for easy switch from carpet to hard floor, edge cleaning, or above floor cleaning.
• 4-level height adjustment-adjusts to match surface being cleaned.
• Soft Bumper-wraps around brush to protect baseboards and furniture.
• Anti-Tracking Wheels-make less noticeable tracks.
• Thermal Circuit Breaker Protection-protects motor from brush jamming and belt breakage by shutting self off if overload occurs.

Brand: VacuMaid

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This brush features wrap-around bumpers for protecting high end furniture and baseboards, height adjustment for a wide variety of carpets, large rear wheels to help negotiate around furniture and uneven surfaces, a reset button to protect the motor from jams, headlight, and an easy-release connection between the powerhead and wand to use the wand above the floor.

Also replaces Nutone CT600 electric brush

Reset Overload Protector

To correct problem: Unplug the electrical cord. Check brush area for excessive lint buildup or jamming. To reset: Press the reset button on top of the brush. Plug in and turn on vacuum and brush.

Vacu-Maid® Electric Brush Assembly and Use

Wand Insertion and Release To Insert: Insert wand into Vacu-Maid® Electric Brush until the wand button snaps into place.

To Remove: Step on the wand quick release pedal, then pull up on wand.

To Start:

1. To lower wand, press on the large pedal marked “Handle Release”.

2. Start vacuum and electric brush.

To Change Pile Setting: On either brush select a pile height setting by using the pile height lever on the Vacu-Maid® Electric Brush. The pile height setting is shown on the control. The deeper the pile of the carpet, the higher the setting.

Suggested Pile Height Settings: For best deep down cleaning, use the XLO setting. However you may need to raise the height to make some jobs easier.

As a general guide: XLO-most carpet heights, LO-short to medium pile, MED-medium to long pile, HI-long pile.

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