Curved Swivel Wand – 1-1/4″ Hose


The W-328R is a Deluxe Metal Curved wand that is a friction fit. It can be added to the end of the HS130W 1-1/4″ straight suction (no wire) hose by screwing it onto the hose. The W-328R has a vacuum relief built in to regulate suction and will fit most 1-1/4″ tools.

Brand: VacuMaid

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The W328R is a 14″ (356mm) chrome curved wand with friction fit, black airflow regulator, and black 1.25″ swivel collar. This wand serves as part of the connection between brush and hose. This is easily added to the end of the hose by twisting the end onto the straight suction hose. The other end fits directly onto the end of the curved wand.

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