Curry Comb – Black


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Whether you are grooming dogs, cats, or horses, the Curry Brush is a great value. A curry brush has many advantages in pet grooming. The teeth of the brush stimulates the skin while it removes loose hair. Combined with the suction of your vacuum, flakes of dead skin are removed and healthy blood flow near the skin is increased. Using a curry brush regularly will also aid in the production of natural oils which are essential for a shiny glossy coat. Curry combs are a must for long haired animals because they help to reduce tangles and snarls. The  Pet Grooming Curry Brush fits standard central vacuums AND standard 1 1/4″ household vacuum fittings. This tool also works very well in conjunction with combs and rakes.

Fits standard 1 1/4″ central vacuum fittings
Short plastic fingers for massaging while brushing shorter hair
This tool works very well in conjunction with combs and rakes
This tool is also suitable for horse grooming
7 1/2″ long by 4″ wide
Convenient adjustable strap for your hand


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