Commercial 5 HP, 3-Phase-230V (Inlcudes Control Box, DC1240, DC500 & DRV330)


The CR1450 series 5hp power pump with the DC1240 provides a much longer life than our standard residential systems. This is what makes them better for places that clean more often. This system can be used in a wide variety of applications for general cleaning.  It only allows for a single user to clean at a time.   The DC1240 primary filter and DC500 secondary filter come with the CR1450 series.  The dirt capacity is 38 quarts in the DC1240 and 27 quarts in the DC500. If you need a larger capacity for a single user system, we would recommend the CR1460 series.

CR1400 Series Instruction Manual

Please call to purchase 1-800-221-1862. Technical assistance and planning support provided.

Brand: VacuMaid

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CR-1453C is 208 Volt, CR-1453A is 230 Volt, CR-1453B is 460 Volt
60 Hz. 50 Hz.
Induction Motor 3Ph, 5HP, 3450 RPM 3Ph, 3.5HP, 3450 RPM
Voltage 208, 230, 460 200-220/400-440
Amperage 17.3, 15.6, 7.8 15-12/6.7
Length 19-9/16
Electrical Service to Unit No. 14 No. 14
Airflow @ 2″ Opening 225 C.F.M. 5.4 CMM
Sealed Vacuum 105″ H2O 245 H2O
Pump Regenerative
Length 18″
Width 16-3/8″
Height 16-5/8″
Remote Control Operated 24 Volt
Shipping Weight 148 lbs.

Primary Filter – DC-1240 w/Air Channel
Filtration Cyclonic funnel primary, standpipe secondary with safety screen and convenient lift off inspection lid.
Inlet and Outlet Connections 2″
Capacity 27 Qts
Diameter 14-1/8″
Height 37-1/4″
Radius including legs 15″
Shipping Weight 23.0 lbs.
Replacement Bag PB-4M

Secondary Filter – DC-500
Filtration HPB2H
Inlet and Outlet Connections 2″
Capacity 27 Qts.
Diameter 13-5/8″
Height 25-3/4″
Shipping Weight 10 lbs.
Replacement Bag HFB-4
Optional Bag Paper Bag HPB-1
* Electrical Service to unit should be installed by a licensed electrician.

NOTE: All commercial and industrial units should use 2-conducters, 18 gauge minimum for low voltage wiring (2VM-18001).

NOTE: Relief Valve should be set at a preferred setting of 80″ H2O at 60 Hz. and 162 cm H2O at 50 Hz, when possible use the preferred/recommended settings above.

NOTE: The first 5 feet of metal tubing MUST be used on exhaust (SF-207).

(Upgrade to a DC-750 if fine dust control is required)


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