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A home or office with extensive areas of wall-to-wall carpeting and “high-pile” carpets with a padded backing, may indicate the need for a premium electric brush.  With the additional tools, this kit is ready to clean up more than just the carpet.  It’s equipped to clean hard floors and above the floor surfaces.

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30 or 35 ft.  Slimfit Style 4-Wire Crush Proof Hose The 1-3/8” hose provides excellent airflow.  This hose handle permits you to grip at several points on the handle to match where and how you want to clean. A full 360 degree swivel eliminates wrist strain, stops kinking, and increases hose life.  Rotate the handle 90 degrees for easy under furniture cleaning. (SFH-630 or SFH-635)

12” Standard Electric Brush The Standard powerhead is great for homes with some carpet and hard floors and area rugs.  This 12” electric brush has rubber bumpers for added protection of furnishings and walls.  It also has a 3-position height adjustment and a reset button.  The flat belt drive with a belt protector reset button means years of trouble-free service.  Air relief on wand.  (EB-210)

530 Series Tools & Floor Brush
Dusting Brush (DB-530BL)–Great for dusting bookcases, shelves, tables. mantles, & even collectibles, television sets, and window sills.
Crevice Tool (CT-530BL)–This tool will reach in to clean cracks and crevices, corners, & along baseboards.  It has a flat side for reaching under furniture, as well as a notched end to maintain airflow and proper suction.
Upholstery Tool (UT-530BL)–For cleaning upholstered furniture, drapes, mattresses, and vehicles.
Floor Brush (FB-215BLK)–Works well on wood, tile, concrete and other hard floor surfaces.

Caddies & Other Accessories
Mesh Caddy Bag (CB-180)–Holds and stores your central vacuum accessories and tools.
Hose Hanger (H-431)–Extends the life of your hose & saves space while storing.
2 Straight Wands (W-219B & W219HF)–Use with accessory tools.  They slip together to give you added height for cleaning.

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