50′ Car Care Kit


Commercial Tool kit with 50 foot hose

GTIN: 858370006128

Brand: VacuMaid

Included items:

1-1/4” Hose (50 foot)

Hose Hanger
Store your hose up off the floor

Industrial Aluminum Crevice Tool
Reach into cracks and crevices that are hard to reach.

Industrial Upholstery Tool
Works well for cleaning car upholstery & carpet.


First time use, you will need to attach the curved wand and cuff to the hose. You will twist the wand to the LEFT as you thread it onto the hose. Note: This is the opposite direction of typical threading.

To easily store the hose, we recommend coiling the hose into 4-5 loops on the floor then pick up and put onto hanger.

Mount high enough so you can loop your hose 4-5 times and still clear the floor.
Predrill holes with 1/8” drill bit. Mount to the stud using the two screws provided.

Cleaning tools will attach to the end of the hose by slipping into the threaded black cuff.


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