12″ Electric Brush with straight cord CT12DXL


This electric brush is compact, reliable, and durable. The full wrap-around bumper is gentle on furnishings and baseboards. The height adjustment feature makes for excellent grooming on all carpet types with wheels designed to eliminate tracks. The brushroll ensures that extra edge in pickup and cleaning ability. The headlight illuminates the cleaning path under furnishings and in poorly lit areas.

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Use this powerbrush to vacuum wall to wall carpeting, handmade carpets, fine rugs, and other flooring. This powerbrush must be used with the top and lower wands. The overload protector protects
the motor from brush jamming and belt breakage. If the brush stops or is stalled, the overload protector will shut the brush off. To reset the overload protector, turn the vacuum off, press the reset button on the brush. Now, you may turn your vacuum back on and continue cleaning.

Features include:
• 3-level height adjustment–adjusts to match surface being cleaned.
• Soft Bumper–wraps around brush to protect baseboards and furniture.
• Reset Button–A flat belt drive with a belt protector reset button means years of trouble-free service.


Top Wand ( Must match correctly with the hose you have)

W535 with SFH Hose
W530 with NRH Hose
W540 with GSH Hose

W219L Bottom Wand (also needed)

Electric Brush Assembly & Use Wand Insertion and Release

For the EB-210–insert wand, snap wand button into place. Turn wand button past the stop position. This slotted area allows you to turn the handle to the side to reach farther under furniture.

1. To lower wands hold EB-210 SuperGroom II™
down with foot and pull back on wands.
2. Start vacuum and electric brush.

Pile height adjustment for the EB-210: Rotate the pile height control. The pile height setting is shown on the control. The deeper the pile of the carpet, the higher the setting.

The overload protector protects the motor from brush jamming and belt breakage.
If the brush stops, the overload protector will stop the electric brush.

To correct problem: Unplug the electrical cord. Check brush area for excessive lint buildup or jamming.

To reset: Press reset button on top of the brush. Plug in and turn on vacuum and brush.

EB-210 SuperGroom II™ Care


1. Remove light cover by pressing in and lifting both sides as shown.

2. Push in and turn bulb to remove.

3. Replace bulb and snap light cover in place. Note: replacement bulb number is EB21016.


Disconnect hose and brush from electrical outlet. Frequently check and remove hair, string and lint buildup in the EB-210 SuperGroom II™ brush area. If buildup becomes excessive, disconnect EB-210 SuperGroom II™ from wand and follow steps below.

To Remove:

1. Raise the pile height adjustment rollers. Remove the two cover screws from the EB-210 SuperGroom II™ base.

2. Insert and twist flat screwdriver under both back cover tabs.

3. Turn EB-210 SuperGroom II™ right side up. Tilt cover forward from back until front snaps free.

4. Carefully insert and lift screwdriver at each brush support to free brush from base.

5. Remove belt from motor shaft. To Replace: 1. Slide on washers and brush supports.

6. Remove broken or worn belt.

7. Slide brush supports off to check and clean brush support areas. See Brush Assembly-EB- 210 SuperGroom II™ for picture of complete brush.

To Replace:

1. Slide on washers and brush supports.

2. Install new belt in belt groove on the brush assembly, then over motor shaft as show. Note: Replacement belt number is EB21010.

3. Insert both front support tabes into base slots. Then snap brush supports into place.

4. Line up tabs on front of base with slots inside the cover front.

5. Tilt cover to back. Press cover firmly until rear tabs snap into place. Turn EB-210 SuperGroom II™ over, replace the cover screws and lower the pile height adjustment rollers into place.


Disconnect hose and brush from electrical outlet and disconnect EB-210 SuperGroom II™ from wand so brush will not operate while being serviced.

To Check: When brush is worn to the level of the base support bars, replace the brush.

To Replace:
Remove light cover, EB-210 SuperGroom II™ cover, belt and brush assembly (follow to remove section in Belt Changing and Brush Cleaning”.

1. Remove brush support and washers from brush assembly.
2. Remove brush assembly and replace with new brush.
3. Reassemble brush assembly.
4. Replace belt, brush assembly, EB-210 SuperGroom II™

Parts List

Please note when ordering that you must include the identification number for
the brush. For the EB-210 SuperGroom II™ this is EB210 (i.e. to order a light
bulb you would order an EB21016).

Eb210 / CT12DXL supergroom replacement parts including belt, motor, light bulb, cover, roller

-10 Belt
-12 Floor nozzle lower unit
-13 Motor assembly
-14 Motor bracket
-15 Overload protector
-16 Light bulb
-17 Light bulb socket
-18 Swivel catch
-19 Swivel
-20 Furniture guard
-21 Roller shaft
-22 Swivel bearing seal
-23 Nozzle roller –
-26 Front axle assembly
-27 Brush and bearing assembly
-29 Window cover (not shown)
-32 Cord and plug assembly (not shown)
-33 Power head cover assembly (not shown)
-34 Floor nozzle upper unit (not shown)
-35 Cap Swivel
-36 Indicator Cam

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Weight 9 lbs


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