Lamb Electric Motor 119800 120V 5.7″ 2 Stage

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The MB119800 was used in the following models: SR36 / P70 since July 2005. SR12

Brand: Ametek

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Should Be Used With P3512B Bracket and P127B Gasket

When replacing a 116429 motor with a 119800, you will need P3512B & P127B.

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Weight 5 lbs
Fan Diameter

Motor Type


Sealed Vacuum

Max Airflow

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1 review for Lamb Electric Motor 119800 120V 5.7″ 2 Stage

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    Note that the gasket needed and recommended on this page is not correct for at least the P70 Vacuum. The part we ordered was the P127B recommended here (and ordered from here). The part delivered looks like the photo for the P127B here, but that doesn’t look at all like the original gasket and the description ‘Motor Gasket for 5.7″‘ doesn’t match anything I can see about the part. First the inner, narrowest diameter of the gasket opening is around 6.5″ and 7.5″ from outer edge to outer edge. The gasket itself is too big to seal anything around this motor. The diameter of the motor is smaller than the opening in the gasket, so the gasket can move freely around the motor’s diameter with around a .25″ gap. Also the shape of the original gasket is more like a flat disc with a whole in the center to allow airflow, but this part is shaped like a cylinder which much higher sides and no disk-like structure in the center.

    Vacumaid/Lindsay Manufacturing refunded us for our purchase no questions asked; but I don’t think they believed our report about the part listed here being wrong. The service rep insisted that the part was the one on the build sheet. Maybe so, but based on the photo here, the description here, the measurements of the actual part, the shape of the original gasket, and the fact that the part has no way to create a seal against anything in the unit: something about the P70 & P127B combination just isn’t right. Luckily our original gasket was still in reasonable condition and just didn’t need to be replaced.

    The motor itself seems to be working fine (with the original gasket) and the installation wasn’t difficult. The motor mount bracket here is in fact a must and fits well in the unit and on the motor.

    4 out of 5
    • :

      Mr. Buttgereit-

      Thank you for the feedback. First of all, you were correct that the motor gasket (P127B) was not correct. The P70 used the P607 gasket. The confusion was most likely due to the P70 using a different motor that was in use when the unit was manufactured. The customer service associate was referencing the motor gasket that is used with the MB119800 replacement motor. We are glad you were able to repair your VacuMaid P70 and are able to use it once again. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions, comments or concerns and we will be happy to assist you.


      Michael Joseph
      Customer Service Mgr.
      Lindsay Mfg. Inc.

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