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Plastic Pipe Dusting Brush – 8″

sku: PDB200

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Plastic Pipe Dusting Brush – 3″ Overhead Pipes, Trusses

sku: PDB100

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Plastic Covered Aluminum Straight Wand 1-1/2″

sku: IWP87

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Aluminum Double Curved S-Wand

sku: IWA24

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14″ Plastic Squeegee

sku: ISV545

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14″ Industrial Squeegee (Aluminum)

sku: ISV645

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Upholstery Tool with Slide-On Brush (Fits in IHV159 Cuff)

sku: IUT511B

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Handi-Tool (Plastic) for 1-1/2″ Hose with IHV159 cuff

sku: IW224

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16″ Squeegee Brush (Fits IWP-87 Wands)

sku: ISV385

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