Pet Grooming

Warm Air Dryer
Valves are placed in the cage and grooming wards. Groomers can use this feature to dry animals before or after cutting their hair. Valves in the cage wards allow the groomer to dry animals while confined and to aid in drying the cage wards themselves.

Quiet Warm Air Source
Medi-Vac can provide almost 166 cfm of warm air from a wall outlet. The motor is in a remote location so technicians and animals are not distressed by shrill electric motor noise.

Instant hair removal keeps this work area cleaner & easily maintained. Medi-vac can provide volumes of warm air from a wall outlet, removing loud, obnoxious blowers from the clinic. With no heating elements, Medi-Vac air systems are safer & more reliable.

Blower Outlet, WS659XTK
Steel outlet with twist lock
for blow drying feature

Cage Dryer, ADB249 Attaches to blower hose & hooks onto cage unit for blow drying.

Hose, HS130W
30 ft. crush-proof hose to use for blow drying

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