Organizing the Unorganized with VacuMaid’s Bullet Boards

Metal Pegboard
Does this sound familiar, ”Honey, will you grab me the screwdriver?” My response has typically been in the past, ”Where is it?” If you can imagine that said while giving him a huge sigh. Which is followed by a short response of, “It’s in the toolbox.” Like I should know. Yet that response isn’t specific enough for me! If anyone had ever seen my husband’s toolbox it was not the easiest place to find anything, especially since it was dirty and disorganized.
Our problems with keeping tools and power tools neat, organized, and easily accessible has been solved by using the Bullet Board metal pegboard. I know my husband was extremely excited to get his on the wall. He played around with where to put the hooks, and had trouble deciding what was important enough to hang on the Bullet Board metal pegboard. Now when asked to grab a tool in order to assist my husband, or for myself ☺, I know exactly where it’s at and find that it’s much easier to put it back in its home, for both of us. The only problem that now lies is that we need more Bullet Board pegboards. I love it in the garage, but could use one in the shed for my gardening tools. It is very easy to put up, and I have found that you can arrange the materials on the board whichever way best suits your needs.  The hooks are extremely durable, yet easy to take out and move around if need be. We chose to hang ours vertically, but it could be hung any way you’d like. It doesn’t take up much wall space at all, and has created an organized, clean feel.


Thinking of the upcoming holiday, do yourself a favor and buy a Bullet Board metal pegboard from VacuMaid for any special dad out there who needs a little help (unknowingly to him) keeping organized. While you’re at it, purchase two! You could place any of your many hobbies or jobs materials on it! The possibilities are really endless with Bullet Board pegboards.