Organize It With Bullet Board

Metal Pegboard

BulletBoard Metal Pegboard for organizing the pots and pans in your kitchen.

When it comes to being organized, we could all use a little help.  Look around your home.  How many “catch-all” spaces or drawers can you count?  We all become a little frustrated when we hunt for that one item we know we have but can’t remember where we put it.

Bullet Board by VacuMaid is an easy, quick, and efficient way to tackle your organization problems.  From the kitchen to the craft room, the garage or workshop to the utility room and any place in between, the Bullet Board by VacuMaid can help store your items and put them where you need them when you need them.

When you purchase your Bullet Board by VacuMaid, you receive 2- 16″X32″ galvanized steel panels, powder coated in a variety of colors to match any décor.  Each pack comes with mounting screws, and self-aligning tabs to give you that professionally installed look every time.

The rest is up to your imagination.  The Bullet Board by VacuMaid accepts any 1/4″ peg  hooks and other hanging accessories available on the market.  The heavy duty construction means your Bullet Board by VacuMaid will last for years.