No Suction No Problem


Of all the calls we take on a weekly basis from homeowners, the most common revolves around the lack of suction in their central vacuum system.  We generally will go through a list of items homeowners can check themselves.

1- Is the filter or screen clear of any dust and lint buildup? Bag full? (if equipped)
2- On a split canister system-Is the dirt canister lid properly positioned?
3- Check the hose for clogs.
4- Check gaskets on all inlets.
5- If there is a clog in the tubing, use a shop vac to try to pull the clog out. (Make sure central vacuum is unplugged first).
6- Check for obstructions in exhaust line.
7- When all of those tips fail, contact a professional.

Generally the first item on the list is the culprit.  Dirt and lint collecting in the dirt canister or on the screen or electrostatic filter adversely affects the suction power of the system.  It’s a quick fix and most people are very happy with the performance of the central vacuum after it’s properly cleaned and maintained.  And usually really happy that they were able to do it themselves.

If you have a problem with your central vac, give Mike or Amanda in customer service at 800-546-3729 and we will walk you through or refer you to a professional in your area.