New smaller door for the HideAHose

Hide A Hose

Hide-A-Hose Central Vacuum Systems recently launched the new HS5000 Retractable Hose System featuring a smaller door.  In fact, it is 38% smaller and not a whole lot bigger than a standard central vacuum inlet.

The original valves have always used a standard female hose cuff, but this time around they designed a new cuff called the ‘mini cuff.’   Essentially it reverses the male/female connection between the hose and handle. Making the cuff substantially smaller allows the valve to be much smaller.

Another goal was to solve the “thick wall problem.”  When an installer comes to trim out the valve, they sometimes find that a second piece of sheet rock or some kind of wall board was added, making the wall thicker than planned. The old valve could only adjust out to about 5/8″ of wall thickness, so the installer had to learn a variety of time-consuming tricks to make everything fit. Hide-A-Hose found a clever way to change the geometry of the HS5000 that allows the system to adjust for wall thicknesses of up 1.5 inches.

Obviously, it is important for a central vacuum valve to be air-tight. The size and design of the previous valves presented some challenges to achieving a good seal between the door and the valve. Because of the redesigned locking mechanism, there is a much smaller space that needs to be sealed, allowing a simpler and more efficient way to keep the valve air-tight.

Lindsay Manufacturing is a distribution partner for the HideAHose products. Please contact us if you would like to add the product line to your store or find a dealer online if you are interested in in installing the retractable hose system in your a new or existing home.