Split Canister Cyclonic

The mass of dirt and debris picked up by your central vacuum system is deposited in the dirt canister. The dirt canister is attached to the bottom of your filter canister and will need to be emptied on a periodic basis. To empty the dirt can, follow these simple steps:

To remove the dirt canister, support the bottom of the canister with your knee* (see figure 1b), then unsnap the two dirt canister latches by grasping the lower end of each latch and pulling straight away from the canister. (Note: The latches may be tight, but do not try to adjust them. They need to latch tightly, to ensure a proper seal, which is vital in the operation of the cyclonic separation.)

Carefully lower the dirt container and empty the debris into any suitable trash container. (If equipped with an air channel and plastic bag, see page 7 for more instructions.)

Please note that for split systems, those systems which have the powerhead mounted separately from the filter canister, the screen may be cleaned by just lifting straight up on the lid of the dirt canister (see Figure 2b). Optional maintenance: The underneath of the screen can also be cleaned. To do so, remove the two screws, lift screen and wipe the underneath of the screen clean. Place screen back into unit and secure with the two screws.

These units may have an optional Electro-Static screen which can be lifted out and cleaned by vacuuming, rinsing with water, or shaking. Before replacing the Electro-Static screen make certain it is completely dry or it will void warranty. To replace the screen, simply place the Electro-Static screen over the stand pipe and push down to insure that it seats on the metal screen. With this type of unit, there is no need to look or reach up into the canister from the bottom of the unit. When replacing the lid, care should be taken to insure that it is placed squarely on the top of the canister; otherwise, it will allow a vacuum leak.

Replace the dirt canister by slipping the rim of the dirt canister over the lip of the top can until it is seated against the rim gasket. Then while holding the canister in place with your knee* (see Figure 1b), fasten the two latches. Do this by hooking the top lip of each latch over the rim of the top can and then press straight in on the bottom of the latches until they lock.

If you notice a lack of suction or power, lint screen or Electro-Static screen may be blocked. Remove lid and clean.

*If you have trouble removing or replacing the dirt canister using your knee, try supporting the can with one hand, unlatching (or re-latching) one side with the other hand. Then, reverse your hands to unlatch (or re-latch) the other side.


Initially, the dirt canister should be checked or emptied weekly until some idea can be obtained as to how long it takes to half fill the canister under your normal cleaning routine. All vacuum systems will function more effectively if the filter system is emptied frequently. Under no circumstances should you allow your dirt canister to become more than 3/4 full before emptying.

Note: The canister will fill more rapidly if NEW carpets are being cleaned for there is usually a tremendous quantity of loose fibers that are retained in the carpet from the manufacturing process. In some instances it may take several months before all of these loose fibers are removed.