Inverted Bag

Inverted bag units provide a permanent filter and require occasional cleaning. To clean the inverted bag units, follow these steps:

Step 1.
Remove the dirt canister by supporting the bottom canister with your knee*. Then, unsnap the two dirt canister latches by grasping the lower end of each latch and pulling straight away from the canister.

Step 2.
Carefully lower the dirt canister, dump the contents into trash container and then set aside.

Step 3.
It is not necessary to remove the inverted bag to clean. A plastic bag may be placed over the bottom portion of the top canister. Then, while holding the plastic bag tightly around the canister with one hand, push the bag up inside with the other hand, and brush/shake the bag surface to loosen any dust and debris that may have accumulated on the bag. In this way, the bag can be cleaned without getting any dust or debris on the floor or hands.

Step 4.
Replace the dirt canister by slipping the rim of the dirt canister over the lip of the top can until it is seated against the rim gasket. Then while holding the canister in place with your knefasten the two latches. Do this by hooking the top lip of each latch over the rim of the top can and then press straight in on the bottom of the latches until they lock.


Initially, the dirt canister should be checked or emptied weekly until some idea can be obtained as to how long it takes to half fill the canister under your normal cleaning routine. All vacuum systems will function more effectively if it is emptied frequently. Under no circumstances should you allow your dirt canister to become more than 3/4 full before emptying. (Note: The canister will fill more rapidly if NEW carpets are being cleaned for there is usually a tremendous quantity of loose fibers that are retained in the carpet from the manufacturing process. In some instances it may take several months before all of these loose fibers are removed.)



The inverted bag should be cleaned approximately 3-4 times a year or every time the dirt canister is dumped. If your inverted bag should ever need replaced, contact your local dealer.