VacuMaid will keep your floors really clean.

If your floor could talk to you, what would it say?
It would probably remind you that it is, without question, the most used part of your home. We walk, run, sometimes slide across it. We spill things on it.  When we are nervous we pace on it.  The kids play on it.  The dog sometimes has an accident on it.  We place our furniture on it.  We throw rugs on it to dress it up.
Is it any wonder that when we walk across the floor at night, that it sometimes creaks?  Your floor probably feels like it has the weight of the world on it and it’s probably right.
Your floor has a best friend in VacuMaid.  With a line-up of central vacuums to fit any home,  VacuMaid is here to help in that never-ending battle to keep your floors clean, your air healthy, and your family happy.
You can pick from a vast assortment of tools and accessories for any floor type, from carpets to tile, from area rugs to wood.  From the foyer to the garage, VacuMaid has the proper tools to clean your home quickly and efficiently, without recirculating dirt and dust like the portables do.  With VacuMaid, your floors are “really” clean.