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I received my Garage Vac last Thursday and took it home, intending to wait until Friday afternoon to install it in my detached one-car garage.

After finishing up some yard work and noticing that I still had about an hour of daylight, I cracked open my Garage Vac to investigate how involved the installation would be.
I surveyed the inside of the garage to determine where to best mount the Garage Vac and settled on a wall next to the side door and about five feet from the garage door.  I held the vac up in that area to make sure I would have clearance and enough space to change the bag when necessary.
The actual physical installation, (bolting the mounting bracket and hanging the Garage Vac) took approximately 10 minutes.  In no time I was vacuuming the inside of my Ford pickup and extremely pleased with the power and performance of the Garage Vac.
The 30 foot hose was more than adequate length to reach out to my drive way to vacuum the truck and light enough that it didn’t seem like a chore.  All of the included attachments are smartly kept in a caddy bag and each tool is constructed in a way that gives me confidence that I will be using them for a long time.
Best of all, was how quiet the Garage Vac operated.  Having it so close to the front of the garage concerned me at first,especially since my garage is less than 20 feet from my neighbors house, but while I was using it, I could hardly hear it outside the open garage door.  It was much quieter than that old upright that I previously used.
Along with the blower feature, my Garage Vac is going to get a lot of use, not only in summer, but year around.
Posted by Mike Joseph
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VacuMaid UV100 Extended Life Professional Wall Mounted Utility Vacuum with 50 ft. Car Kit

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