For Dirt and Dust This Bag is a Must

When anyone mentions the word “dust”, it can usually be associated with less than desirable conditions. These may come to mind: “Dusty Trail, Dust Bowl, Dust Storm, the little dusty kid on the Charlie Brown cartoons”, although he is kind of cute. “Dust in the Wind” is a great song, but not when it comes to vacuums.

The last thing you want when you are cleaning is a cloud of dust surrounding the vacuum you are using. This is usually a direct result of poor filtration. If you have bad filtration, the dust has to go someplace, right? And that someplace is back into the area you are cleaning.

Our HPB2HPK HEPA bags can be changed in a matter of seconds. Simply remove the bag, close off the opening on the bag with the adhesive backed flap, toss in the trash, install a new bag, and your ready to resume cleaning with the most efficient and powerful vacuums on the market.

You can probably change it faster than the time it took to read that last paragraph.
With our smart 3 bag package, your VacuMaid central vacuum is always ready to clean.