Easy steps to replace your Central Vacuum Motor

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How difficult is it to replace the motor?

Any DIYer can replace the motor in their Vacu-Maid or Astro-Vac central vacuum system.  It only takes a few tools and less than 30 minutes of your time.

Required Tools:
¼ “ Nut Driver (or Phillips Screwdriver for newer central vacuum units)
Wire Cutters/Stripper
3/8” Ratchet with 6” Extension and 3/8” Socket Pliers
12 to14 gauge wire connector (Step 14)
Instructions to change a central vacuum motor 
1.   Disconnect power from the unit.
2.   Remove screws from the lid.
3.   Remove lid.
4.   Remove black wire terminal from relay.
5.   Remove the ground screw nut and remove motor ground (green) wire.
6.   Cut the white wire close to the crimp connection.
7.   Remove the three motor bolts.
8.   Disconnect the exhaust coupling.
9.   Clean area around the motor gasket and set gasket back in place.
10. Set new motor on top of gasket.
11. Fasten all 3 motor bolts.
12. Connect black wire terminal to relay.
13. Place the green wire ring terminal on the ground screw and fasten the nut.
14. Strip the white wire and twist both white wires together. Twist wire nut over the two wires.
15. Connect the motor exhaust coupling.
16. Place lid on top of the unit.
17. Fasten lid screws.
18. Reconnect the power.
19. Test unit.
There you go. You can easily change the motor in your central vacuum system. If you have any questions or need additional help, please call us at 1-800-221-1862.  Click here to purchase a replacement motor.