Dusting: Past, Present, and Future

Some bad habits are hard to break.  VacuMaid is here to help and support you towards a better and healthier way of cleaning.
This is the story of the dustcloth.  As we all know, the dustcloth is the hand-me-down of all cleaning tools we keep in our homes.  The dustcloth probably began as a dish cloth or wash cloth or perhaps a hand towel of some sort.  But after years of use the fabric breaks down or becomes stained and ends up under the kitchen sink to be used during weekly dusting.
Unfortunately, the dustcloth never really picked up any dust.  It merely pushes the dust around and casts it into the air to land on other items or to be breathed in.
At VacuMaid, we think it’s time the dustcloth went the way of the washboard, the old hand cranked ringer washer, and avocado colored appliances. In other words, extinct.
Now is the time to convert your home and garage to the Microfiber way of dusting and cleaning.  Unlike typical dustcloths, microfiber attracts dirt and dust like a magnet which virtually eliminates recirculating dust in your home or garage.
VacuMaid offers a full line of microfiber products for a variety of cleaning purposes.
If you are still having trouble parting with your old dustcloth, they do make a nice oil rag in the garage.